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LED and Green Technologies

LEDs are changing the way we light our world. LEDs generate light by running electrons through a seminconductor. This is much different than the way light used to be generated, which was by a chemical reaction or burning (a filament inside a lamp).  Old lamps produced light in all directions and contained elements that could be toxic in nature. LEDs provide this new type of solid state lighting, which is not only environmentally friendly, but can be controlled. This allows the light to put only where it is meant to be through the use of optics, and allows for the interaction of lighting fixtures with other devices, to provide control for remote adjustments and diagnostics.

One of our LED lights: Leotek ECobra-Head™ LED Roadway Luminaire

Leotek ECobra-head LED Roadway LuminaireThe LED ECobra-head™ uses the latest LEDs, and combined with a new low cost housing design and superior optical performance, provides the greatest value and shortest payback of any LED street light available.

  • For street and roadway lighting applications.
  • Tool-less entry and removable power door for ease of maintenance.
  • Patent pending internal heat management system assures long LED life and minimal lumen depreciation without external heat fins.