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The manufacturers we represent are the best in the industry

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Blueridge is proud to represent the exceptional manufacturers below. Please contact us regarding their products and services.

LUMINAIRES – Roadway and Area, Architectural, Commercial, Industrial
AEC Illumination
AEC Illumination has provided exceptional European style area and tunnel lighting for nearly 60 years.
Beta Calco
Innovative specification grade LED, HID and CFL luminaires for interior and exterior spaces including pendants, multi-arm pendants, recessed, wall, surface mount, exterior and custom luminaires. 
Birchwood Lighting
Decorative architectural linear lighting
Efficient-Tec International, LLC
Efficient-Tec International LLC offers a complete handrail solution for your code compliment projects.
HK Lighting
Precision landscape, wall and tree mounted illumination products, including a dimmable LED product series.
King Luminaire
Dedication to innovation and advanced technology to offer outdoor, historical style LED fixtures and a new LED conversion system. Also decorative aluminum, cast iron and steel poles; bollards; arms, capitals, and accessories. King Luminaire is part to the StressCrete Group, makers of spun-cast concrete poles.
Innovative LED products. Over 100,000 LED cobra heads installed in Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Idaho. Green Cobra™, ECobra™ and Arienta™ for street and area lighting.
Lightheaded Lighting
Specification-grade architectural lighting products which include a multitude of downlights, recessed multiples, pendant multiples, architectural cylinders and an ever expanding array of LED products.
Organic Lighting
Waterproof, highly flexible, commercial grade LED system. Ideal for bridges, railing systems, and signs. White and colors available.
Pacific Lighting & Standards
High quality outdoor lighting including traditional, decorative, contemporary, architectural, low pressure sodium, and bollards.
Pinnacle Architectural Lighting
Architectural direct/indirect, recessed, and accent & wall wash lighting for interior and exterior.        
Solavanti Lighting
Featuring contemporary European design products in specification grade for a wide range of commercial applications.
Truly Green Solutions
Source for large selection of LED replacement lamps. Changing the World, one Bulb at a Time.
1254 Industries
Twelve fifty four (1254) Industries, Inc. is a Southern California based manufacturer of high quality outdoor ornamental street and area lighting, site amenities and general custom fabrication.
PLP Composite Technologies
PLP Composites technologies is a leading U.S. manufacturer of composite fiberglass flagpoles and light poles.
South Coast Lighting & Design
Standard and custom steel poles and accessories that are made in the USA. Also design and fabrication of decorative outdoor lighting products, bollards, signage, & site amenities.
StressCrete Group
StressCrete Group is the oldest, most reliable manufacturer of spun concrete poles in North America. Also decorative outdoor lighting fixtures, aluminum, cast iron and steel poles, arms, and site furnishings under the King Luminaire name.
United Lighting Standards
Fiberglass, steel, aluminum and cruciform poles, as well as decorative bases and accessories.
CONTROLS – Roadway and Area Lighting
Premier addressable energy management system.
Illumient off-grid lighting systems ideal for lighting areas that are remote or where electrical power is non-existent or hard to obtain. Solar or Solar/Wind Combination.
Inovus Solar
Outdoor solar lighting delivering astetics and innovation.
Solar One
Solar-powered LED lighting systems for street and area lighting, shelter lighting, and landscape lighting.
Emergency lighting equipment, exit signs, and accessories for use in commercial, institutional and industrial environments